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MARIE SHARON Words and Music
MARVIN GOLDSTEIN Piano and Arrangement
DARON BRADFORD Reeds and Arrangement
JANET PETERSON Harp and Arrangement
VANESSA JOY The Angel Amaliah
JOHANNE PERRY Innkeeper's Wife
TAMMY ROBINSON Shepherd's Wife and Choral Arrangement

Marie Sharon - Words and Music

"I consider myself a "Late Bloomer," which means that I believe that it's never too late! I have always loved to write, but a few years ago, I discovered that I was able to write songs. (Long story - you'll have to book me for a presentation to get the scoop!) I have since written quite a few songs, and had them arranged by Marvin Goldstein, a wonderful professional pianist who is "all over the keyboard" with just the words and melody in front of him. "Amaliah's Visit" is my first CD. It is a Christmas narrative with song, and it involves a visit from an angel called Amaliah. She introduces Elisabeth, Mary of Nazareth, the Innkeeper's Wife, and the Shepherd's Wife. They each tell their unique story and sing their original song about the birth of the Savior. One of my favorite songs is "Oh, My Beloved," which is presented in three parts by the Innkeeper's Wife. One verse is to her husband, the second to Mary, and the third to the newborn Christ Child. I especially remember when I wrote the final verse, because I just broke down and cried. The concluding song, "Perhaps You Were an Angel," serves as the signature song for this piece. Even though I have listened to "Amaliah's Visit" countless times, it still touches me in a very spiritual way. It is my hope that your spirit will be touched as well when you sit and listen to what these women have to share with you."

Marvin Goldstein - At the Piano

"Working with Marie on Amaliah's Visit was breathtaking. The material is a testimony that gives hope, sweetness and an everlasting belief in the joys of eternity. It was a pleasure helping Marie interpret the arrangement from the melodies in her head."

Vanessa Joy - The Angel Amaliah

"Marie's music is beautiful. When I heard it the first time, I cried at the part about Amaliah saying how "we all sang that night"...even though we may not sing now, we did that night. It brought tears to my eyes because I felt it was completely true! How is it possible we all didn't sing to express our love for the Savior? Marie has really done a lovely work and I am so honored that she thought to include me in it."

Tanya Barkdull - Elisabeth

“It was a pleasure to work with Marie on ‘Amaliah’s Visit’. She has created a very beautiful and tender musical description of the events leading up to the Savior’s birth from a new and unique perspective. I hope to see more music from Marie in the future!”

Rebecca Penailillo - Mary

"During the time I recorded the part for Mary I was about 5 months along in my first pregnancy. My husband and I anticipated the arrival of our first child with a lot of joy and gratitude; and when our baby boy was finally in our arms, it was an other-worldly experience. The Spirit was strongly present in the delivery room and the first week with my new son was accompanied by a feeling very hard to describe. The closest thing I can compare that feeling to is the one I had, 2 years prior, serving as a full-time missionary. I am a mother now, and I appreciate more than ever before what Mary, the mother of Jesus, was called to do, and what she might have felt. I am a witness that divine help is REAL and is especially present in the bearing and raising of a child of God."

Johanne Perry - Innkeeper's Wife

"To me there's something very tender and sacred about a woman serving another woman. I love how Marie captured, what I choose to believe, was a loving and generous act of kindness by the Innkeeper's wife, rather than a callous dismissal of the mother of our Savior."

Tammy Robinson - Shepherd's Wife

"I have thought about the traditional displays of the Nativity and Marie's choice to create the portrayals of a woman's unique perspective in this important event. Surely, women were there. It was my pleasure to portray a shepherd's wife for this project. What a glorious blessing it would have been to be visited by an angel, be led by a star, then invited to kneel before the infant Savior!"

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